• V.Tokarev.The comissar

    The comissar

    190х243 cm. Oil on canvas. 1966-1967

    Odessa Art Museum

    «The comissar» embodies the ideas of the 60-s, when the struggle for the truth of life took place. The poet Mayakovsky was the first love of those who belonged to the generation of the 60-s. He was something of a form of legal opposition. The rough language of poster was set off against the official language. The everyday, the laconic, the simple became features of the so called «severe style» in painting. The 60-s became a legendary time in history. They have conquered for us the first piece of land on the territory of free. Tokarev's «The comissar» was among those who fought for this».



  • V.Tokarev.The cart

    The cart

    200х186 сm. Oil on canvas. 1969

    State art museum, Kiev

    «The mighty riding horses and the uneven flight of the cart set a decisive diagonal on the painting. The point of view is chosen so that we can see the characters face to face, we can look right into their eyes. But it doesn't prevent us seeing the whole scene from above — the whole cart, the heads, the horse manes in a hot dusty haze and the edge of a grassland as if running from under the wheels».


    Art critic


    Art critic

  • V.Tokarev.The portrait of the People's
		  artist of USSR Myhail Bozhiy

    The portrait of the People's artist of USSR Myhail Bozhiy

    108х96 cm. Oil on canvas. 1961

    The Vorontsov Palace in Alupka, Ukraine

  • V.Tokarev.The road to Hurzuf

    The road to Hurzuf

    67х82 cm. Oil on canvas. 1968

    Odessa Art Museum

    «The best paintings by Tokarev belong in their essence to the so called «severe style». It was the movement in soviet art of the 60-s. The time of restrained feelings, masculine characters, laconic yet expressive colors».


    The art-critic

  • V.Tokarev.The old Hurzuf

    The old Hurzuf

    100х130 cm. Oil on canvas. 1968

    Private collection

    «These are not just landscapes, they bear features of untouched by time eternal, ancient nature».


    Art-critic, member of Russia Academy of Arts, editor-in-chief of «Iskusstvo» magazine.

  • V.Tokarev.The street in Hurzuf

    The street in Hurzuf

    Oil on canvas. 1968

    The union of artists

    «In the landscapes made in Crimea Tokarev strives to depict not only the sun, the light of the south, but more importantly the ancient power of the land where the time rocks its waves, where the massives of white washed houses look like a foam on a sand».





  • V.Tokarev.The house with a cypress tree

    The house with a cypress tree

    84х80 cm. Oil on canvas. 1968

    Odessa Art Museum

    «By the end of 60-s Tokarev formed the concept of his landscape painting. His landscapes are heroic by nature. What appears on the canvas is seen as though from a significant distance. Land, trees, waters are seen by artist as mighty forms in space».





Vyacheslav Tokarev: «An artist should not try to achieve a final solution working on a scetch, in order not to feel restrained. He should be able to unleash his imagination».


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